The performance is everything. The creative. The hours of practice. On the stage. Telling your story in your way.

What I do is tell your story in your words as an image. I become your audience through your eyes and capture you in a still that is a movie. A portrait written in light, composition and 'tude.

Look at my photos and if you can see who the performer(s) are and what they are saying then I have done what I was brought in to do. Carry the viewer into your performance as if they were there. Let them taste you so they will want to know more.

Over 30 years in commercial photography.

  • I often photograph from a different locations on the stage and venue to include not just the performance in a new way but the excitement of the event.
  • I shoot for the who and what of the performers. Their story and the way they tell it.
  • Custom designed and built camera system for natural looking images.
  • Studio in film (up to 4X5) and digital.
  • Natural, tungsten and strobe lighting.
  • Set building skills.
  • I work well with performers, make-up artists, stylists, art directors, stage hands and you.
  • I am based in Los Angeles but I will go (almost) anywhere.

Andrew Mann Studio

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