People photography is an exacting skill. Who is the person and what do they represent. Corporate, actors, models, celebrities, etc. each have a message they want to convey and finding that message and capturing it in a photograph is what I do.

For corporate, I approach you and/or your staff as to the position you/they hold. I capture the strengths and project them to the viewer. Straight business.

For acting, what casting wants to know is how you project yourself. Does it fit their role requirements. They don't care and in fact don't what to know what you look like in makeup. That's somebody else's interpretation and they don't have any use for that.

I approach your photography with the sole purpose of capturing who you want to project as an actor/actress/executive. I build the photographs around you in a way that tells them in a mere glance because that is all the time they are going to spend on your photo unless you catch their eye.

What I deliver are photos that tell who you are. Dynamic people photography for advertising, catalogs, retail, fashion, editorial, band, concert, performance, events, product, location and etc.

  • Conservative to wild photos for who your audience.
  • Studio and location.
  • Custom designed and built camera system for natural looking images.
  • Studio in film (up to 4X5) and digital.
  • Natural, tungsten and strobe lighting.
  • Work well with make-up artists, stylists, art directors and you.
  • I am based in Los Angeles but I will go (almost) anywhere.

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