What it all comes down to is that you want a site that speaks for you to your audience. When you visit a site do flying logos and other visual tricks affect your buying decision? Or do you want an experience that allows you to find what you want and do your business in an easy to understand and navigate format.

I build sites that are attractive, load quickly and are easy on your visitor. Having a site that is more intense that the product or service you offer tends to muddle the message. I build your website to emphasize you and your product and make any transactions as quick and easy as possible.

On the technical side I use nothing but software that is backed by major companies such as Microsoft and Adobe. They create quality and secure products that are backed by their major resources and reputation.

I add extra layers of security of my own design with my knowledge of how hackers try to get around the inherent security of the sites. I use no templates. I design for you. I use no apps or plugins that can disappear next week and/or open potential security breaches.

Fast, stable, cross-browser comparable, easy to visit and maintain.

I create powerful and easy to use secure backend management tools that allow you to instantly and easily create and update product and/or service information with simple to use forms that open with your browser. Almost any function of your site can be accessed this way depending on your business requirements.

If you want an attractive site that makes it a pleasure for your visitors to find what they are looking for be it product, sevice or information, make purchases, sign up, contact you or ? I can create that for you for a realistic price and in a timely manner. Sites I've built have been up more than 10 years and still look and run great.

  • Cross browser. IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Custom designed for your market.
  • Secure cart with direct post authorization. PCI standards.
  • Photography and graphics.
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • Smartphone interface runs within your website.
  • Added layers of custom security.
  • Powerful and effective SEO.
  • Logos or a complete graphic design package.
  • Corporate identity, intranet, factoring, b2b and secure private access.
  • Custom secure management tools for product, clients, inventory and any other factors you require.
  • Your own Microsoft msSQL database.
  • Multiple domain names can point to same page, variations, sections or totally different pages (websites) on your server.
  • 10 to hundreds of mailboxes.
  • ColdFusion, msSQL, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Macromedia, Photoshop, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • Site is hosted in your name and belongs to you 100%.
  • 90 day guarantee on site and functions.
  • I work with you and/or your marketing team to create a design package that best says who you are.

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