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However, website styles ought to take into thought content design and value, user expertise, and alternative useful criteria that all relate to the actual options of the net medium.

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Image credit: Banknote NewsAnother source for brilliant banknote design is the recent redesign of the Norwegian Krone bills. The Norwegian Bank called out competition to find the design for the country’s next banknote series and released a catalog PDF, 3. 1MB showcasing all entries for us to indulge in. The PDF is in Norwegian, but the designs are worth taking a look as they tackle the given maritime theme in so many different ways, ranging from black and white photography to collages and children’s drawings. A very unconventional approach to banknote design. The winning design, by the way, merges Norway’s past und present with a rather traditionally designed front and a pixelated back.
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Other students might even get hired before they even finish their program. Often schools will have good relationships with the industry in their area, and keep these businesses informed about their students. Sometimes schools will mention the businesses that they keep in contact with. It's also important to know what percentage of grads get hired after graduation. A low hire rate can often reflect a poor program, and should bring up a red flag. What programs are offered in your area?You can check out these schools and colleges in the US and Canada for a start.

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Chanel, who was now 71 years old, returned to France in 1954, and found that her rival Christian Dior, now dominated the couture market. Chanel was compelled to re approach her former partner Pierre not only for business advice, but also financial support. Pierre had total confidence in Chanel's abilities, and eventually the two of them decided to join hands together, to re launch the Chanel label and their line of products once again, filling a void that was ever prevalent after the end of the war. However, Pierre gained complete rights to all products stamped with the name "Chanel. " For a start Chanel re introduced her former products that gained worldwide popularity. The first product she re introduced was her signature "Chanel suit" that received worldwide acclaim. In jersey and tweed, with its collarless jacket and slim skirt, the popularity of the Chanel suit was given a boost by Jackie Kennedy, who often wore it. In February 1955, she re introduced the famous Chanel chain handled quilted leather bags, that previously shook the fashion world, and once again became very popular, that she had to decline many orders, because of the time taken to painstakingly manufacture each bag, by her skilled artisans. The Chanel suit goes with the Chanel quilted chain handle bag as part of the integrated Chanel look. In the same year, she also introduced her first "eau de toilette" for men, under the brand name "Pour Monsieur" sometimes also marketed as "A Gentleman's Cologne. " Chanel's products did not have much success in France, but was much applauded by the British and the Americans, who became her faithful customers.

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The study tours themselves make an attractive asset, as well. It takes the student out of the box of a classroom and to a city where we have to occasionally be quick witted and on our toes, and sometimes we just get to sit back and take it all in. ”MICA’s program offers a mix of structured and independent work. Core studio courses are led by program directors Lupton and Phillips, who offer intensive guidance and support throughout the MFA experience and beyond. First year students participate in a series of projects that range from explorations of each designer’s personal identity and visual language to applied problems in the public realm. In the second year, designers focus on developing an independent thesis project. Alongside the core studio, designers select from an array of electives, including advanced publication design, interaction design, letterpress printing, typeface design and motion graphics, all taught by visiting faculty. Three credits of liberal arts each semester serve to build a dialogue about history, theory, pedagogy and the craft of writing. Workshops with guest artists infuse the program with new perspectives and work methods. RISD’s graduate program prepares students for professional practice by emphasizing the role of social context, media and aesthetics in the production of visible language systems. The Graduate Studio sequence explores the range of skills and activities within the design process, from an initial visual/verbal response to content and the narrative shaping and communication of messages.